Going away

It’s so close, I can hardly wait a second more. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be well on my way down to see my friend, away from the bustle of everyday living. I desperately need some time away from work and home. I need time to recuperate from the drudgery of the mundane. I really want to catch up on my sleep!

I don’t have plans per se, but I’m hoping to take some time to just write. I haven’t had a chance to write in some time. My room is in pieces, and my desk has been taken apart. I have no place to write, no place to relax, no place to hide and think up anything useful to use.

But I’ll have ten days away from work, and I’ll make good use of my time to just type away. I’ll have plenty of time to myself, with next to no distractions. Maybe I can move my story along. Maybe I’ll actually do something useful!

Other than that, I’ll do some reading. I have plenty of novels that need reading, both on my Kindle and actual books. I’ll work on some short stories, and I’ll lose myself in a movie or two. Maybe I’ll find the time to go watch Deadpool. I’ve been dying to watch it!

It doesn’t matter what I actually do. My intention is to unwind for several days, lazing inside while the world outside marches along without me. I’m pretty stoked about it, to tell you the truth. I bought the third Harry Potter book  on Audible to listen on my drive. I reupped my XM radio so I’ll have plenty of music, and I also have a catalogue of my favorite songs on my phone.

All I need is for the clock to show two tomorrow afternoon, and then I’ll be off. I can’t wait to stop in Vernon for some Taco Casa for a meat burrito and sweet tea, and I can’t wait to get to my friend’s house for a cold beer. So, so can’t wait.

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