Content moved

I just got done moving all my content from my previous blog. It only took two hours of complete annoyance, and sitting in a coffee shop drinking my now cold coffee. I still have some housekeeping to do, mainly with updating links and such, but otherwise I’m up and running. The hard part will be sitting down on a regular basis to write.

Above, I have my links to my short stories and book reviews, and I will start posting new ones soon. I spent a long time wanting to write and publish and maybe now is the time to start pursuing that dream again. With all the changes happening in my life, and the stress that comes along with it, writing is a good outlet to channel my anxiety. Also, I have stories to tell. I can’t do that without sitting down and actually writing.

So, if you will, please follow me and share me posts. Help me grow again. This is exciting and a little scary. I can’t wait!


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