At it again

I opened up one of my many works in progress, and my favorite, Jasmine. This is the one I want to work on, to finish, to publish. It’s probably the nearest one to my heart.

Jasmine’s about the aftermath of a betrayal, of finding out the man you love is a cheater, and managing to live with the feeling as though you don’t measure up somehow. It opens years after finding Eli in bed with someone else, still nursing the wound, still feeling the sting of that discovery.

A chance meeting with an old friend changes things for Jasmine. All of a sudden she sees the possibility of loving someone again. She’s cautious but optimistic. Jacob is kind and understanding, a better man and friend than her ex ever could, but Jacob comes with his own set of issues, namely his anxious, but brilliant sister, Gwyn.

Further complicating matters for Jasmine is Eli’s sudden arrival. He hopes to rekindle things with his old flame, and he’s unwilling to take no for an answer. What will he do to scare Jacob away, to win Jasmine back? At what point does desire become obsession? At what point does he become dangerous?

The seed of the story comes from personal experience, of discovering my spouse unfaithful. The rest I made up. As far as I know, no one is obsessed with me. There’s no one fighting over me. That’s probably a good thing. That would be weird!

But it’s a what if story for me. What if? What would I do were I in Jasmine’s shoes? What would I do if someone were obsessing over me? What would I do if I felt as though my life was in danger? I probably wouldn’t react as well as my protagonist. I’d probably fall apart.

But this is a fun story for me. It’s about surviving heartbreak and finding the courage to try again. It’s about opening one’s heart in spite of the risk of getting hurt again. It’s letting yourself become vulnerable even after losing your pride. I love that about Jasmine.

I hope to finish rewriting this and looking for a way to publish. Should I go the traditional route, or should I self-publish? How do I go about either? Why am I asking you? I probably should just Google it.

For now, I’m reading the story, getting acquainted with my characters again. Then I’ll see what changes I need to make to make the story more compelling. I’ll finish proofreading, and then I’ll figure out what to do next.


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