Short Story: President Carlson’s Polls Up

The most remarkable story of the last year has to be the video that was leaked of the president having sex with the assistant to his Chief of Staff, the very attractive, and relatively young, Samantha Hinson. What made it remarkable, other than the fact that someone had made and posted a pornographic video of a sitting president, was just how apathetic the reaction to it was from the general public. Other than some loud criticisms from his critics, most notably from the evangelical right, most people merely shrugged. Power and sex, the public seemed to say, go hand in hand.

“I’m finally popular,” President Xavier Carlson quipped to the press corp the day after it was leaked. That was true enough. The president had never been a popular figure. He is short in stature, though trim and relatively fit for a fifty-six year old, with a receding hairline, and ears too large for his small head. He came into office via the vice presidency, after the incumbent, President Victor Peterson suffered a stroke and died unexpectedly. Peterson, the wildly charismatic politician, chose Carlson to add gravitas to the ticket as the latter was a policy wonk and was able to bring opposing sides to the table to build a consensus on various matters.

Carlson was seen as a staid and boring gentleman, born and raised in the bible belt, the son of a cattle rancher and his wife, a middle school teacher. He seemed a rather unremarkable figure, one unsuited to the trapping of power, though he bore the weight of the office lightly on his shoulders. His administration seemed poised to be one where there would be no scandals. There had been questions whether he could win the office outright in the following election cycle. Then came the video, and all hell did not break lose.

The video in question was highly edited in length, though unedited versions have recently been uploaded. First Ms. Hinson was seen to perform oral sex on the president, then the video cut to Hinson disrobing. She was taller than Carlson, thin and fit, pale skinned and blonde. She was twenty years his junior, the kind of woman one would see featured in porn if not for the fact that she had been a Rhodes Scholar, and had earned a Masters in International Relations from a prestigious institution.

The sex act itself was brief. They had only a few minutes to themselves and they made quick work of the time given to them. Carlson, in spite of his stature and reputation, seemed at ease with the situation, as though extramarital affairs were not a new thing to him. To the surprise of all, he was generously endowed, which seemed to please Hinson. It had be commented by many who saw the video, that the tryst would have continued for much longer had they had the time to do so. This reporter would have to agree.

The First Lady Joanna Carlson, when asked to comment, only said, “Naturally he’d fuck her. What would you expect? He’s the president and a young piece of ass volunteers to a quicky.” She only laughed when pressed if she intended to stand by him, “This is Washington and he is the president. Of course I’ll stand by my man. This thing happens all the time. It’s time we stop pretending it doesn’t. He’s had other lovers, and so have I, and will continue to do so. I only wish I could have slept with her first.” The last comment elicited cheers from the LGBT community.

It should be noted that there has been speculation regarding the First Lady’s sexuality for some time, with rumors of sapphic threesomes with sorority sisters plaguing the Mrs. Carlson for years. Though asked on several occasions, she shied away from speaking directly about those, and other rumors regarding various female celebrities and politicians. However, she has been a vocal supporter of Pride and transgender rights in general for her entire public life.

As for President Carlson, his poll numbers have not suffered due to the leak. Indeed, polling has seen his numbers rise, especially among the younger demographic. He has suddenly become the object of envy of many who wish they could “hit that,” referring to Hinson. There is also a substantial number of women who seem to regard the president more favorably, wishing they could have time alone with him, if the comments on various social media outlets are to be believed.

So what’s next for the President? The election is less than a year away. His campaign has found a vigor it has heretofore unknown. The budget is balanced, and all is quiet on the defense side of things, if you discount the normal posturing from North Korea. Funding for the Mission to Mars has been increased, with the first astronauts slated to blast off a month after the inauguration.

It would seem that the video has not negatively impacted President Carlson’s ability to govern the nation. In fact, it only seems to have enhanced his hold on power. We can only hope and pray that the next video that “leaks” will be that of the First Lady, preferably with Ms. Hinson. I’m open to film and direct for free. It’s the least I can do for my country.

Glen Royce is Editor-in-Chief for Porno Extravaganca Online and a two-time winner of Male Performer of the Year, and a producer and director on various sites online. He has been nominated for a Peabody for the episode Presidential Wang, for his podcast, Royce on Porn,

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