Short Story: Gloom Dispelled

"Who is she?" Tiriana asked. "Who are you talking about?" Virion asked in return, deflecting his girlfriends question. "You know who I'm talking about," Tiriana retorted. "I know you were talking to Aien about her. You said you wanted to ask her out." "That's ridiculous," he said, though he looked guilty as he said so. … Continue reading Short Story: Gloom Dispelled

Short Story: President Carlson’s Polls Up

The most remarkable story of the last year has to be the video that was leaked of the president having sex with the assistant to his Chief of Staff, the very attractive, and relatively young, Samantha Hinson. What made it remarkable, other than the fact that someone had made and posted a pornographic video of … Continue reading Short Story: President Carlson’s Polls Up