Day One

I started reading a book. See? Already working on that resolution list. Should have put take more naps on that list because I immediately fell asleep. Not because of the book, mind you. It's just a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I've been needing to catch up on my sleep. Can't wait for bedtime! I'm slowly … Continue reading Day One

Book Review: Illusion

  Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar room, not knowing where you were or even not knowing your own name. This is the predicament our heroine finds herself in to start the book, Illusion, by Christa Yelich-Koth. Daith Tocc, a young woman and daughter to Jacin Jaxx, has been kidnapped, her mind erased, by Commander Trey … Continue reading Book Review: Illusion

Lazy Day

It's a bit of a lazy snow day. I haven't done much except had breakfast, finished reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and written a few simple book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I wrote my most scathing review to date. Want to see it? Okay, since you asked. This is what I had … Continue reading Lazy Day