Book Review: Dark the Night Descending

Arran Swinn is a captain without a ship, a man who is trying to rebuild after an unfortunate disaster at sea. After securing enough money, he buys an old ship, The Tortoise, and begins to look for a crew, though securing cargo becomes his next challenge. When Elargwyd, one of the Neneckt - a race … Continue reading Book Review: Dark the Night Descending

No, I'm not dead

In case you're wondering, I'm still alive. Now that the mystery has been solved, you may get back to living your lives. For some reason, I sense indifference from the audience, not that I'm surprised. If you're anything like me, you have so many different people vying for attention that you don't miss the peripheral things. … Continue reading No, I'm not dead

Book Review: The Bridge

I will post my review of the second book in the series on Monday. I wanted to share my review of the first book before then. Please check it out and have a great weekend!

Joe Hinojosa

The Bridge is a paranormal thriller written by Allan Krummenacker. The story follows a psychic, Alex Hill, as he is slowly forced to embrace his abilities once again to help solve a crime, and in the process, absolve himself of the crime.

The story begins with an automobile accident witnessed by sergeant Veronica Ross, Alex’s girlfriend. Two teens who sergeant Ross mentors die as of a result of the accident, setting off the chain of events.

When it is discovered that the teens, who supposedly died in the crash, had in fact drowned several hours before, this brings Alex into the investigation, albeit reluctantly. No one in the town knows of Alex’s psychic abilities, preferring to keep it suppressed due to a tragedy many years before, but he is almost manipulated by happenstance to use his gifts to help his girlfriend, and his sceptical friend, the Chief of Police…

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Book Review: The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, with Seattle the victors and a very disappointed Denver in its wake. February also brings with it a reminder of romance for the lovers out there, as well as another book for me to review. Today I will be reviewing an Eli Yaakunah novel. You can find her … Continue reading Book Review: The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time