Thoughts at work

I'm stuck at work, my mind lost in thoughts of plot machinations, character development, and how to improve my novel. It's almost at a place where it needs to be. I just wish I were in front of my laptop instead of at work.

Today's update

I just finished rewriting the first scene of the second chapter, where my main character run into who will fast become her love interest. Doing so, I hope, will jump-start the action, like I stated on my previous post, but also resolve a persistent question that has been bothering me. Can two people fall so … Continue reading Today's update

The fix

I've been thinking about the problem that has had my stymied for the past several weeks. I just couldn't find a way around this little stumbling block and I was at a stand-still. I'll admit that even though my goal is to publish this year, I wanted to give up and move on to another … Continue reading The fix