Short Story: Gloom Dispelled

"Who is she?" Tiriana asked. "Who are you talking about?" Virion asked in return, deflecting his girlfriends question. "You know who I'm talking about," Tiriana retorted. "I know you were talking to Aien about her. You said you wanted to ask her out." "That's ridiculous," he said, though he looked guilty as he said so. … Continue reading Short Story: Gloom Dispelled

Short Story: Fealton’s Trial

"Adventures are for the young," Fealton groused as he sloshed through the muddy field, a pack thrown over his right shoulder. Ahead of him, a warrior led the way, followed by a few other guards. Behind him, a contingent of dwarves grumbled, having to cooperate with humans and elves. Fealton, though human himself, was beyond … Continue reading Short Story: Fealton’s Trial