Finally inspired

I've spent most of the past two days in bed. I haven't been feeling all to great, and I haven't had much energy. I even called out of work this morning. My stomach was a bit topsy-turvy and I didn't think work was the best place for me. I'm hoping I feel better in the … Continue reading Finally inspired

Panic then relief

I had a momentary flash of panic as I sat down to write this evening. I'm reaching the climax of the story, the moment where my heroine comes face to face with her tormentor, and I couldn't remember if they've met before. I wanted to scream, knowing that i would have to skim through the book to … Continue reading Panic then relief

Thoughts at work

I'm stuck at work, my mind lost in thoughts of plot machinations, character development, and how to improve my novel. It's almost at a place where it needs to be. I just wish I were in front of my laptop instead of at work.

The fix

I've been thinking about the problem that has had my stymied for the past several weeks. I just couldn't find a way around this little stumbling block and I was at a stand-still. I'll admit that even though my goal is to publish this year, I wanted to give up and move on to another … Continue reading The fix