Short Story: Fealton’s Trial

"Adventures are for the young," Fealton groused as he sloshed through the muddy field, a pack thrown over his right shoulder. Ahead of him, a warrior led the way, followed by a few other guards. Behind him, a contingent of dwarves grumbled, having to cooperate with humans and elves. Fealton, though human himself, was beyond … Continue reading Short Story: Fealton’s Trial


Short story: My Awakening

I knew I was different, special, unique, at least in the small community I grew up in. No matter how hard I tried, I never quite fit in. Had I grown up in a larger, metropolitan city, I might have found my tribe, but no. I grew up in a small rural community in West … Continue reading Short story: My Awakening

New site

Hi everyone! I’m working on moving all my writing related content to a new site. Seeing as how I’m living more as Stefani, I think it’s time to start writing as such. All my book reviews, short stories will be transferred soon, and all new content will be posted here. I’m super excited and can’t […] … Continue reading New site

Being true

This whole duality has been confusing. I've been, for most if my life, content to remain hidden. It's only within the past year that I've come out into the open, embracing this other side of me, the true side. I know that the time will come that I'll.have to choose who is real and who … Continue reading Being true